Brigitte Purdy

August 10, 2018

“As a singer, Brigitte Purdy is a hidden gem. Her depth of expressivity and emotiveness, together with her rich, compelling, and soulful tone, and her flawless technical prowess, make Brigitte Purdy a world-class lead vocalist of legendary potential. On stage, Brigitte quite naturally commands the attention of every member of the audience with her musical presence, finesse, and sense for nuance. Combining her talents with her kind, sturdy, and insightful personality, she is a bright star on the horizon. If success is the intersection of preparedness and luck, her future triumphs depend only on a modicum of the latter.” ~ Frank Simes
Musical Director for The Who, guitarist, producer, songwriter.

“Being a lead singer in front of a burning band takes someone who can handle the heat. I always look forward to Brigitte’s strong Blues, Funk and groove styling’s. She is an entertainer that handles the crowd like a true leader! We all love working with Brigitte!” ~ @Johnny “Vatos” Hernandez Drummer: @Oingo Boingo , Helen Reddy

“In the tradition of the great ladies of song such as; Dinah Washington, Ruth Brown, Etta James and Aretha Franklin, Los Angeles born Brigitte (pronounced Bridget) Purdy uses her versatility to preform music across a range of genres from classical to blues, funk, rock, jazz and soul. She captivates the listener with a sultry, powerful and emotive vocal skills that can go from a whisper to a scream, while pouring all her emotions in to every note. The Dorothy Chandler Conservatory grad displays all her talents on her latest album “Still I Rise.” The collection of ten original tracks is the fruit of Purdy’s collaboration with Southern Californian guitarist Dave Osti, who produced, co-wrote and played in the Blues Angel rhythm section that recorded the basic tracks at Loveless Motel Studios in Sierra Madre California with Billy Burke. The teamwork on this album allowed Purdy and her talents as a singer, lyricist and songwriter to rise to their full potential.”~ Blind Raccoon.

“To have the ability to sing is something that many of us are naturally gifted from a very early age. Very few individuals, though, are able to connect such ability to their own emotions and translate them into singing and songwriting. Brigitte Rios Purdy has felt that need to sing about her own inner feelings and emotions since she was a child. Born and raised in Los Angeles Brigitte Purdy has soon expressed the great desire to become a singer, with a particular inclination to soul, blues and R&B. It didn’t take too long for the american singer and songwriter, thanks to her pure and silky singing voice, to be noted and asked to perform on the same stage with artists like Walter Trout, Sugaray Rayford, Tim Bogart Dionne Warwick, and Dolly Parton amongst others. Singing background vocals for such artists as The Who and Paul Rodgers. Once the ice of the music business was broken, Brigitte Rios Purdy’s next step into connecting completely with music at 360 degrees was starting to write her own songs. Her profound, love and admiration for the late great B.B. King pushed the American artist to compose her very first song called Lucille, Don’t You Weep, a blues ballad with clear references to King’s most favourite guitar and the intensity of the sound coming from one of the most famous blues guitars of all time.” ~

Did you miss Brigitte catching up with D for a live phone interview Saturday, August 4th during Radio Memphis Around the World? Catch their conversation right here.

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