Casey McPherson

February 25, 2019

“…..McPherson would perform all over the world with the group and also as a solo artist on the Cruise to the Edge, feeling welcomed within the prog audience. It was during this period that he had an idea to do something more introspective, something that invited his fans into his world, his mind and his emotions. This is where the Cas.E Session were born. The Cas.E Sessions explores creating songs around a relevant topic or experience and documents the whole process. Every month, the members of the Cas.e Sessions get a new song, a short documentary around the song, and an online live show, which has allowed McPherson to make a record completely independent, fully funded by the members. Now comes the release of a collection of those songs under the Alpha Rev moniker, but essentially this is a Casey McPherson solo record.”

Did you miss Casey McPherson calling in live to Radio Memphis Around the World this past Saturday (February 23rd) to talk about being a songwriter and his solo music releases? Catch the conversation right here.

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