Daddy Mack Blues Band

February 17, 2019

Daddy Mack is one of those “old school” cats. He has been around a long time. In the traditional sense of the blues, he’s a man who works a blue collar job as a mechanic and finds the time to sit down with his guitar ( and friends) to woodshed the blues. In this appearance which happened on February 17, he brought his guitar and his friends down for a live broadcast on the Booze & Blues show. Mack is smooth and unassuming. Modest yet forceful. His style evokes old North Mississippi stomp and delta vibes. His youthful sound reaches into the gut of the Hill Country and pulls out the “today” sound you want.

In our visit he can be a bit bashful yet when his guitar turns loose, all of hell comes out and the absolute joy of the blues comes through. Here it is, his performance as raw is it should be right here.


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