Jeremy Railton

September 25, 2017

The prestigious TEA Thea Award is considered one of the attractions industry’s greatest honors. When the highest accolade of these honors (The Buzz Price Award for a Lifetime of Distinguished Achievements) was presented to Jeremy Railton, founder and CEO of Entertainment Design Corporation (EDC) at the annual ‘Thea Awards Gala this past April in Anaheim, CA.

Judith Rubin of ‘InPark Magazine’ tells everyone that “he is one of the most versatile and prolific designers in entertainment, he is a celebrated, creative force within multiple industries, including themed entertainment, immersive experience, gaming, television, and stage shows…”

Having been part of the entertainment industry for well over 30 years and having been recognized numerous times (5 Thea Awards, 4 Emmys, and an Art Director’s Guild Award), it’s no question that Jeremy Railton is a leader in the industry of entertainment design. Not only is Jeremy responsible for creating spectacles of Olympian proportions, themed attractions, unforgettable retail entertainment and architectural projects. His career spans legitimate theater, dance, film, and live concerts. Including ones with pop icons, Barbara Streisand, Phil Collins, Cher, Michael Jackson, Neil Diamond, Diana Ross and Julio Iglesias as well as, TV award shows (MTV Music Awards).

D sat down with Jeremy for a live phone interview as part of the Radio Memphis – Road Crew Radio Series this past Saturday (SEPT 23rd) during ‘Radio Memphis Around the World’ and talked about all the incredible things that have brought him this far into his career and what it’s going to take for in the up and coming designers to carry the torch.

Catch their conversation right here.

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