Ken Barr

August 1, 2017


The “Radio Memphis Road Crew Series” is bringing even more insight to the table for our emerging artists and entertainers by sitting down with some of the best industry pros that work behind the scenes of that incredible record you just bought… that awesome live show you just saw… or even that fantastic event you might have attended.

The interview we did with author and filmmaker Ken Barr​ during Radio Memphis Around the World​ Saturday (June 24th) was the one that spawned the idea for the “Radio Memphis- Road Crew Radio”​ series on Radio Memphis​!

Starting at an extremely young age with a dream that was inspired from the liner notes off a very famous rock album….. Ken Barr went on and became an extremely well-respected technician who has worked with some of the biggest musical acts on the planet. Doing everything from tour managing, working television projects, to being in the recording studio. Ken’s resume includes esteemed clients such as KISS, Alice Cooper, Stone Temple Pilots, Rainbow​, The Bangles​, Debbie Gibson, Air Supply and a slew of other artists along the way.

Also working with organizations like SeaWorld​ and 70,000 Tons​ of Metal. Ken understands at an extremely high industry level that event production constitutes a unique work environment where attention to detail and getting the job done efficiently are crucial.

Not only is Ken Barr a successful author of several books, including “We Are The Road Crew​”. He is currently an independent filmmaker, writer, director & producer and the creator of Ken Barr Films​.

D caught up with this industry pro for a special live phone interview and climbed into his world to see what gems of advice he would share from his 30+ years in the business.

When you see the Radio Memphis Road Crew Radio series logo, stay tuned to Radio Memphis Memphis Metal Mondays​ and Radio Memphis Around the World​ for amazing interviews, round tables, special programming and more. It simply means we’re talking to the pros.

And we’re just getting started.

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