Music Industry Air Check: Ric Chetter Part 1

January 22, 2019

In the middle of doing the industry standard aircheck, Ric finds that D is having some interesting conversations about the music industry. So in this particular episode, Ric decides to crash in on Dianna during her Around The World show to talk about the music business through his view from the radio side of the industry. With his 35+ years in the business (having been in media, tv, film, a producer and an on the air jock with terrestrial radio and even now the program director and owner of Pirate Radio Studios, Inc.), Ric begins an interesting conversation with Dianna. Not only do they learn even more about each other after working together for almost 8 years, they both find out where each personally stands in the business.

Did you miss this? Catch part one of their conversation right here.

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