Nick Tabor

September 20, 2018

Nick Tabor has lived a CRAZY COOL life behind some of the biggest productions and was part of some very impactful moments in the entertainment industry. With movie, film and tv projects he has helped with “Who Is Harry Kellerman And Why Is He Saying Those Terrible Things About Me?”, “Godfather I”, “Fritz the Kat”, “Law and Disorder (Grand Street)”, “Thieves”, “Live and Let Die” and “Superman I”, “Chef Boyardee Ravioli”, “Yellow Pages”, “Butterball Turkey”, David Niven “Passport Whiskey”. With the music side of the house, Nick has been able to assist with stage work and able to work many “one off” shows with acts including Edgar Winter, Montrose, Wendy O and the Plasmatics, Richie Havens, Blackstone (Magician), Bachman Turner Overdrive, Billy Joel, Cheap Trick and more. During that time, Nick gained his Union Card and goes on to work some very iconic names and events including Laura Nyro – Season of Lights (North America) (’77), Jon Sebastian – Welcome Back, Barry Manilow – Big Fun (North American) (’84), Julio Iglesias – America South, Europe, Queen Elizabeth Command Performance and helping fill in behind the scenes for Alice Cooper.

D got a phone call from Nick Tabor… more fondly known as “Swami” out of Manasquan, New Jersey this past Saturday (Sept 15th) during RADIO MEMPHIS AROUND THE WORLD as part of the RADIO MEMPHIS ROAD CREW RADIO SERIES. Did you miss their conversation? Catch it right here… You might even hear about some interesting moments…including the time Nick kissed Queen Latifah.

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