Paulina Jayne and Ford Driving Skills for Life

Detroit country/rock girl Paulina Jayne called in to Radio Memphis Around the World with Dianna while she was out on the road to check in and talk about some events going on, including the Ford Driving Skills for Life (Ford DSFL) hands-on free clinic that was happening in Memphis in conjunction with the Memphis Police Department.
Ford DSFL is a national safety initiative created by the Ford Motor Company, The Governor’s Highway Safety Association (GHSA) and a panel of safety experts to help young drivers improve their skills in four key areas that are critical factors in more than 60% of vehicle crashes including hazard recognition, vehicle handling, speed management, and space management. The ride-and-drives provide an opportunity for teens to get behind the wheel with a professional instructor at their side and go through exercises that address the four primary skills for Ford DSFL.
For those who may not have the chance to attend one of the hands-on clinics happening across the country can even visit the Ford DSFL website, which includes four study modules and a quiz, car care videos, several interactive games, and an enhanced curriculum noting the importance of eco-driving to personal safety and the environment.  An Electronic Educator packet is even made available and can be used by students and parents at home, as well as educators in the classroom and community settings.  This free packet includes an in-depth video concentrating on each of our four driving skills, a letter for parents, a letter for educators, a leader’s guide and brochures.
Did you miss Dianna and Paulina Jayne having fun live on the air and talking about Ford DSFL? Dianna even learns that the hands-on class included getting behind the feel of a Ford Mustang.  Listen now.

*photo of the ambassador for the Ford FDSL program provided by Paulina Jayne’s social media profiles and information shared in this on demand description about this non-profit program was derived from the program’s website.

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