Road Crew Tip #9

Ken Barr September 29, 2017

Every Monday night during Memphis Metal Mondays​ at 9:30PM CT<, we’re bringing you a weekly Road Crew Tip. For whether you are in the studio, on the stage or out on the road, this tip is for you and is part of the Radio Memphis- Road Crew Radio​ series.

For Monday (SEPT 25th), we got a call from Orlando, Florida. Did you miss it?

Road Crew Tip #9: When checking into to a hotel. Make sure you grab a few business cards to stick in your wallet. That way, later on during your stay when you are catching a cab, ubering or whatever, you can just simply hand the card to the driver so that, you don’t have to figure out how to explain where you are staying.

Of course there’s more to this then meets the eye.

Catch the tip right here and listen to what Ken Barr had to say.

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