Rob Moschetti

August 22, 2017

Rob Moschetti​ has a long history in the heavy music scene having played with legendary Hardcore/Metal bands Pro-Pain and Method Of Destruction ( M.O.D) at the height of those bands’ careers as well as being known for being a part of thrash crossover band Gernation Kill and even taking a step further by combining those efforts with the legendary pioneer Darryl DMC McDaniels under the moniker Fragile Mortals to create the ultimate cross over project with thrash, rap and hip-hop.

What you may not know is that Rob Moschetti​ is also an accomplished songwriter… producer…engineer and multi-instrumentalist who has been able to not only share the world’s stages with some of the best in the business but work on a creative level with some of the biggest names in the industry.

D got a phone call from New York from Rob Moschetti during the metal show on Monday August 21st. Catch the conversation they had right here.

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