Rob Youells

Life On Air March 30, 2019

In this  episode, Rob Youells (Musician/ Actor/ Writer/ IFBB Pro Bodybuilder) crash calls Dianna this past Saturday (March 30th) during her live ‘Around the World’ show because he’s excited about what he has been working on in the recording studio. Their conversation takes a twist into discussing Dianna’s response to the first few minutes of the Motley Crue film, “The Dirt”, which sets the stage for Dianna to learn that Rob has done a lot of readings and had been strongly considered for major films, including “Trainwreck”. After losing a part to John Cena, Dianna finds out that Rob is offered a gig through Party City to shoot for their catalog and that when he arrives to the gig, they hand him a “John Cena” costume to model.
Rob and Dianna start digging into the back stories of a few incidents that lead them to hilarious conversations about doing comedy and “looking the part”. At this point, Dianna even suggests dressing Rob up in wigs to fit the bill. Dianna admits to Rob that she has become a little “homesick” for New York and a piece of pepperoni pizza is the catalyst for her to throw a dart at the calendar after he gets back from touring Europe this summer to maybe come visit. In the end, they both come to the realization that in order to make it in the business, you can’t act, you have to be just you. 
When they were first introduced, she thought he was just a drummer and he probably thought she was just an on-air jock. Since then, they have gotten to know each other a little better. Now they find themselves randomly checking in with the other to see what’s going on.  As time progresses on, not only do they share fantastic tips and advice about the entertainment business, Rob and D share more and more of how the industry and their environments impact their personal lives and they wind up talking about Life On Air.
Did you miss their conversation? Listen now to episode 2 right here.  

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