Rob Youells – Life On Air #3

Dianna calls Rob Youells to check in to talk about progressing plans with his new band, Evolution Empire, and finds out things have considerably progressed into securing members from Hell Yeah, Danzig, Fear Factory, to finishing up making a music video, to locking down a spot on the later part of a tour with Life Of Agony in Europe and possibly picking up some dates in Australia.
In the process, they reminiscence for a few moments about how their friendship started from their initial interview together.  As their conversation progresses, Dianna calls Rob a “task manager”, which leads them both into talking about making lifestyle changes, what it takes to move forward, and how to taking care of yourself is the most important thing to be successful. They even end up defining the Law of Attraction.
Dianna admits to Rob that she was inspired by a secret that he had shared with her off-air to take inventory of herself and realizes how her choices in past experiences might have affected her own life’s path. What was the secret? Rob’s 4th grade heartbreak.
When they were first introduced, she thought he was just a drummer and he probably thought she was just an on-air jock. Since then, they have gotten to know each other a little better. Now they find themselves randomly checking in with the other to see what’s going on.  As time progresses on, not only do they share fantastic tips and advice about the entertainment business, Rob and D share more and more of how the industry and their environments impact their personal lives and they wind up talking about Life On Air.
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