Rob Youells – Life On Air Episode 1

February 5, 2019

When they were first introduced, she thought he was just a drummer and he probably thought she was just an on-air jock. Since then, they have gotten to know each other a little better. Now they find themselves randomly checking in with the other to see what’s going on.

In this first episode…Rob Youells (Musician/ Actor/ Writer/ IFBB Pro Bodybuilder) calls in live and catches up with Dianna during Radio Memphis Around the World this past Saturday (January 26th) after leaving Anaheim, CA from the NAMM show and landing in Dallas, TX for a couple of days to work on a special project in a recording facility disguised as a barn. Before going out for the evening to catch up with his friends in Soulfly, Rob and D have a conversation about some of the things that he is getting into and they wind up talking to each other about life choices, people’s perceptions, why you should surround yourself with positive people and more. D even looses her normal composure as a radio pro and begins to stutter.

As time progresses on…not only do they share fantastic tips and advice about the entertainment business, Rob and D share more and more of how the industry and their environments impact their personal lives and they wind up talking about life on air.

Did you miss this? Catch episode 1 right here.

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