Rob Youells

November 14, 2017

Not only is Rob Youells​ a professional bodybuilder, an actor, a trainer and a coach, he has 30+ years in the music business as a drummer and has played with bands that have helped shape the New Jersey thrash and hardcore scenes as we know them today. Having played with some of the best headbangers and rap icons as well as, having studied with a few jazz and progressive legends, Rob brings yet another facet of his multiversal career forward through music.

D caught up with Rob Youells​ in a live phone interview during Radio Memphis Metal Mondays on November 13th to get to know him and talk about his career in music, they discussed how he got started as drummer and how he balances all of his worlds to keep up. They even played some brand new music from the band he currently drums for The Pain Method​.

Did you miss their conversation? Catch it right here.

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