Robert Jon & The Wreck

March 23, 2019

Robert Jon & The Wreck is based out of Orange County, California, they are an award-winning quintet of seasoned touring veterans that bring fire to the stage through their soaring guitar leads, 3-part harmonies and soul-activating groove. With several albums under their belt, new material in the works, currently rocking through the U.S. with live shows and knocking down the door of a summer European tour, Robert Jon & The Wreck is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

The band was in Memphis for a couple of show dates this weekend and while they were here, they crashed in on Dianna during the Around The World show to catch up and talk about meeting Memphis, their musical backgrounds and where their career hopefully goes.  They even share an incredible acoustic version of their single “Old Friend” live on-air along with details about their new album Take Me Higher that’s dropping MAY 11th, 2019.

Did you miss this? Listen now, right here.

 You can learn more about Robert Jon & The Wreck by clicking HERE.
*photo courtesy of artist’s social media profiles

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