Roine Stolt

September 7, 2017

A major figure in Sweden’s rock history, guitarist/singer/composer Roine Stolt​ led two of his country’s most successful progressive rock bands: KAIPA​ in the 1970s and the The Flower Kings​ from the 1990s onward. His distinctive guitar style combined David Gilmour’s debonair mid-tempo, Steve Howe’s sharp edges, and Frank Zappa’s virtuosity. His vision of a positive world governed by beauty (akin to Yes singer Jon Anderson) gave his music an aura that appealed to many progressive rock fans.

Roine Stolt remains one of the busiest and most prolific progressive artists .. and we sat down for a live phone interview with Roine Stolt this past fall (October 2017) to talk about his career during Radio Memphis Around The World. Did you miss it?

Catch the conversation right here.

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*photo courtesy of Roine Stolt Facebook

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