Smoother Smyth

November 13, 2017

The Radio Memphis – Road Crew Radio series is bringing even more insight to the table for our emerging artists and entertainers by sitting down with some of the nest industry pros that work behind the scenes of that incredible record you just bought, that awesome live show you just saw or even that fantastic event you might have attended.

For over 37+ years, Delicate Productions Inc., based out of Los Angeles and San Francisco has delivered exceptional audio, lighting and video production services for concert tours, festivals, movie premiere parties, product release extravaganzas, trade show exhibits, business meetings, interactive sports, corporate theater, and special events in venues throughout the U.S. and Canada. Offering technical packages inclusive of project coordination, expert technical services, state-of-the-art audio, lighting and video equipment systems, Delicate Productions was actually founded in 1980 by concert touring industry veterans Smoother Smyth, Stephen Dabbs, Spy Matthews and Gus Thomson. Initially created to provide sound and lighting support for the corporate, entertainment and sporting industries, Delicate Productions began offering full service multimedia production in 1996.

How did this award winning company get started? What you may not know is that when the British band Supertramp stopped touring in 1980, the band started a joint venture with their faithful road crew under the name Delicate Productions.

D got a phone call from Los Angeles, CA at 3:30 PM CT to sit down and talk with “Smoother” Smyth about his incredible career, the fun stories of how things rolled out in his world and how he didn’t know a THING about the business when he got started. He might even share his secrets to success.

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