Ric Visits Robert Johnson

It doesn’t get any more socially distant than a trip to visit a long dead bluesman. “The King of The Delta Blues” himself, Robert Johnson. Ric recently took the opportunity to visit Greenwood, Mississippi to find the grave of one of the most famous blues musicians in the world and try to get the bottom of the mystery surrounding his death and burial. As it turns out, there are three claims to his final resting place with no real answer as to exactly where he was buried. It wasn’t until the un-earthing of his Death Certificate in 1968 that led to the most important clue. That he was buried at a “Zion Church”. Then, in 2000 the daughter of one of the grave diggers told the story all the way down to the exact tree Johnson was buried under. If you’ve never been, it’s worth the trip and this video is worth the watch to get a closer look for yourself.



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