Music Submission Guidelines

By submitting your music, you agree to the following music submission guidelines:


Music may be submitted to Radio Memphis for consideration for airplay either by sending a compact disc (CD) or vinyl (LP or (SP) record by mailing it to Radio Memphis 4745 Poplar Avenue, Suite B-100 Memphis, Tennessee 38117 or by emailing an MP3 to Material may be delivered to Radio Memphis personnel at any official event where Radio Memphis is in attendance. Delivery of your material for consideration constitutes an agreement to these guidelines.


For consideration of airplay, the song(s) sent must be original to the artist performing, be of good radio quality. If any of the material submitted is written and composed by any individual(s) not performing on the submitted material, consent from those individuals must be had by the submitting artist and/or their authorized representative. By submitting the material, you hold Pirate Radio Studios, Inc. and
Radio Memphis, its employees, affiliates and authorized representatives harmless should any conflict arise from the ownership, copyright and overall rights to the material.


Radio Memphis and its parent company, Pirate Radio Studios, Inc. will not pay any performance royalty to any company, artist or representative of either claiming to have rights to collect said royalties. By submitting the material, it is understood that performance rights are being given to Radio Memphis and its parent company, Pirate Radio Studios, Inc for performance and/or promotion of the artist associated with the material and/or Radio Memphis, broadcast, on demand and/or podcasts produced by Pirate Radio Studios, Inc. In the event a royalty collection company or artist representative contacts Pirate Radio Studios, Inc. and/or Radio Memphis for any demand of monetary compensation or attempt in the collection of performance royalties as the result of airplay, the artist will be contacted by Radio Memphis for further clarification. If the artist is expecting royalty compensation from Radio Memphis, all of that artist’s material will be pulled from regular rotation and all other libraries and its use shall cease. Furthermore, no satisfaction for the demand of monetary compensation as a result of the materials airplay shall be made.


Radio Memphis and its parent company, Pirate Radio Studios, Inc. will never sell or freely give an artist’s submission to any third party without the express written consent from the artist whose work is being requested for purchase or donation.


By submitting your work to Radio Memphis, you assure your submission to be solely of your ownership with no other prior claims to its rights, licensing, performance restrictions and publication. You also assure the submission(s) to be for the use of Radio Memphis and its parent company, Pirate Radio Studios, Inc in its on air, on demand, podcasts and production libraries. You also assure Radio Memphis can use your submission for regular airplay, parts of the submission to be used in promotional endeavors regarding Radio Memphis as a whole, and other uses for promotion of the artist and/or Radio Memphis special events, programming (audio and video) as produced by Radio Memphis and/or Pirate Radio Studios, Inc. Artist also agrees to release to Radio Memphis and its parent company, Pirate Radio Studios, Inc. the use of any submitted material for the benefit of the artist, Radio Memphis and/or any promotional endeavor including printed posters and/or graphics published to the internet, video performances captured by Radio Memphis or its authorized individual personnel or company that is deemed useful by Radio Memphis and its parent company, Pirate Radio Studios, Inc. for use in Radio Memphis programming (audio and visual or a combination of both), promotional use of the artist and/or of Radio Memphis as an internet radio station along with any and all projects associated with Pirate Radio Studios, Inc.


The duration of these rights shall be ongoing and terminated by written notice from the artist or their authorized representative. Upon termination, the material will be deleted from use by Radio Memphis and its parent company, Pirate Radio Studios, Inc. and subsequently removed from any other prior promotional materials where the material in question was used.


Should a third party outside of this agreement contact Radio Memphis in regards to the materials being aired and/or used for promotion of the artist and/or the Radio Memphis programming that could result in a material dispute between the artist and said third party, Radio Memphis will contact the artist and cease further use of the material until the artist and said third party has resolved any and all conflicts regarding the submitted materials.


Any artist or authorized representative who submits materials for use by Radio Memphis or its parent company, Pirate Radio Studios, Inc. maintains the right to have all submitted materials removed from airplay and its use in any and all other station promotion or other projects terminated at any time by giving a 30 day written notice.


Any legal dispute arising from the submission of music and/or materials shall have jurisdiction in the county of Shelby in the state of Tennessee.

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