Zeke Logan

Written by on February 10, 2015

It is with heavy hearts that we deliver this news. As many of you may have heard, our broadcasting colleague Zeke Logan has passed away. Once again, cancer has taken one of us and far too soon. I had the privilege of working with him and his on air partner Drake Hall for several years when I first came to Memphis many years ago.

During those years, we all shared some great laughs. Sadly, those laughs are no longer. As things happen in this business, Drake and Zeke and I parted professional company and they went on to WXMX for a tremendous run of shows and I went on to do my thing.

No matter the changes which inevitably occur in our industry, one thing is a constant. We are all forever connected in some small way and the loss of one affects us all.

During my short six years as their producer, it was a time of great laughs and achievement in our work. Those are the things I will remember most. The laughs that have been put on the air during their 27 years together should never be forgotten by all of their fans as well.

Cancer is a horrible disease and it knows no boundaries nor does it care. It took from this world a gentle spirit and a well respected member of our broadcasting community.

We at Radio Memphis extend our deepest condolences to Zeke’s family and to our broadcasting family and friends at 98.1.

Their Facebook show page has been set up as a memorial if you would like to contribute your thoughts.

– Ric Chetter and the entire staff of Radio Memphis


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