It seems like a long time ago. December 2019. We began hearing reports of a new illness going around. To be honest, we all thought it was not going to come here. It was Covid 19. It came and all of a sudden, we were hearing stories about some of our Memphis musicians contracting this […]


November 3, 2021

Dirty D

I think I have started and stopped with this post some 50 times. Erased and re-wrote the same thing or twisted something around to get this right. You see, when Radio Memphis began, I never thought for one second I would find myself writing an honest to God obituary about one of the founders and […]

Get your shirt together.

On July 1, 2011, Radio Memphis began broadcast operations from a house in Cooper-Young in midtown Memphis. 3 years later, it moved to its present location in the Emmons Building in the center of Memphis. Realizing one of many dreams of existing in the same space as a recording studio and all the while increasing […]

Sunday evening April 08, 2018, 8-11pm CDT, the Radio-Memphis ‘Booze & Blues’ show proudly welcomes legendary Bluesman Watermelon Slim live in the studio. Watermelon Slim will be talking with show hosts Ric Chetter and Jeff Janovetz and he’ll perform some of his tracks live. This is a show you don’t want to miss. To listen […]

You can catch this song in regular rotation right here at Radio Memphis.

Our friend Brad Webb encountered this holiday gem. Mark Caldwell shot this video of Tom Walton doing this tune in Brad’s studio. Happy Holidays from all of us Radio Memphis! To get you in the Christmas spirit, here's a cool new original Christmas Blues song "Santa Claus (The Real)" by Tom Walton of Memphis, TN. […]

Our friend and local musician William Charles from Weekend Vlogger stopped into our studios and shot some video. Here is the story he did on Radio Memphis. Go to the link above and check out all the videos they are putting together about Memphis and other cool things happening in our city. Thanks, guys!

Not to be glib, but this is pretty serious. Your internet experience is about to change. Right now, the Federal Communications Commission is about to dismantle Net Neutrality rules originally put in to protect your rights as a consumer of all things on the internet. Net Neutrality guarantees that all websites, no matter what their […]

Jackson, Tennessee band Jupiter Stone has a song in regular rotation at Radio Memphis. It’s called She Gave Me Ghosts. These guys are rapidly becoming a west Tennessee favorite. From the EP School Nights, here’s the video of the song you might have heard on Radio Memphis. Check them out online HERE. And on Facebook […]

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