From Radioland is Back From Hiatus

Episode 448 May 6, 2023

When Spud Goodman took his show off the air at then end of 2022, Ric has been swamped with so much around the studio that he put From Radioland into hiatus for several months. Now, he’s back with this current episode. Changing things up a bit, From Radioland now has selected bits from Radio Memphis in The Morning from the previous week. These are some of the more amusing bits from last week placed here for you to revisit. Also in this episode you’ll hear some new voices beside Ric & ElJay. Monica, who has joined the broadcast and Rosie is back. There are also some new things in the works that Ric teases plus this show goes back on the air at Radio Memphis during its old time slot of Wednesday nights at midnight. (Thursday morning, if you prefer.) It’s all right here.

In the Morning

In the Morning

Start Your Day the Radio Memphis Way

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