Hanging Backstage with Corey Glover

Radio Memphis Progtime host Phil Berger (our man on the street) managed to weasel his way backstage in Nashville for a conversation with Corey Glover. This was after a performance for A Bowie Celebration. The show stopped at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center on 14 March, 2019. Phil caught up with Corey to talk about the show, David Bowie, Living Colour and other brief tales from the road. At one point, the interview gets hijacked by Bernard Fowler (also in A Bowie Celebration) to talk about mutual acquaintances.

If you are a Bowie fan, this is a must see show. This is a world tour and the above link will take you to more about the show and how to get the dates and tickets.

Photo courtesy: Chad Lee Photography

Go here for Radio Memphis Progtime.


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