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Watering While Black

In The Morning

Taken from the Radio Memphis YouTube channel, Ric & ElJay tell the story of a pastor in a small Alabama town who was doing the neighborly thing. Watering his neighbor’s roses. Then the cops showed up. What happened next is mind blowing. Photo courtesy of CBS42. NOTE: We heard from Pastor Jenning’s son after the […]
D-Up (Here’s to Diversity) – Freeworld with a Perfectly Timed Video


Diversity. One of the foremost qualities in nature that defines our planet. Without it, all flowers would smell the same, every creature would look the same, and all people would be the same. Life would not only be incredibly boring, but virtually impossible without the multitude of diverse beings populating our world. The endless variety […]
Ric Visits Robert Johnson

Booze & Blues

It doesn’t get any more socially distant than a trip to visit a long dead bluesman. “The King of The Delta Blues” himself, Robert Johnson. Ric recently took the opportunity to visit Greenwood, Mississippi to find the grave of one of the most famous blues musicians in the world and try to get the bottom […]
Two Guys, A Goat & A Carjacking

In The Morning

Here is a remarkable story as told on Radio Memphis in The Morning. Ric & Eljay get into a remarkable story about 2 guys in a pickup truck who had with them a pet goat. They were parked at a porn store when a methed up carjacker enters the scene. There is quite a bit […]
Hanging Backstage with Corey Glover

Radio Memphis Progtime host Phil Berger (our man on the street) managed to weasel his way backstage in Nashville for a conversation with Corey Glover. This was after a performance for A Bowie Celebration. The show stopped at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center on 14 March, 2019. Phil caught up with Corey to talk about […]
Progtime Interviews The Neal Morse Band

Phil Berger caught up with The Neal Morse Band in St. Louis, Missouri as they cruise through their current world tour. Their new album is out now and this tour celebrates it’s release. It’s called The Great Adventure and is available where you get your music. On 27 February, the band made their stop at […]

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