As Heard: Stripping For The Dead

Written by on April 23, 2015

During the Nooner today, Ric and Kate discussed the newest fad in China that is sweeping the country. Strippers at funerals. Apparently, the Chinese government has an issue with this practice.

In Chinese culture, one who has a lot of mourners at their funeral will have good luck in the afterlife (like they need it). To attract more mourners, families have resorted to hiring strippers and troupes who do this professionally.

In case you are wondering, it costs about $350 a pop to have the service. For more, check out the video here.

We think this would be a great idea here in the states. Perhaps we could start a new trend in this country. Just imagine how much more lively and entertaining Aunt Maude’s funeral would be if there in fact, strippers.

Hey, we’re not that far from it as it is. Some Memphis funeral directors actually offer a cash bar service at funerals. Now that is going out in style.


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