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Written by on September 22, 2016

After five years of streaming along the ocean of the internet by hook or by crook, Radio Memphis has upgraded the listener/viewer experience. In recent months, we have upgraded our output signal with the installation of new processors and soundcards. Those changes have allowed us to bring you our signal in some serious high quality sound.

Up until today, those of you who had been enjoying our live studio camera set up had got to share in the aggravation with what was originally slated to be our temporary platform. That “temporary platform” was utilizing the horrendous software known as Flash from the fine people at Adobe. We used it until it couldn’t be used anymore.


If you have been following any tech news of late, then you are no doubt aware of the issues Flash had presented to web developers, content providers and users such as yourselves. It has gotten to the point where many browsers flat out refuse to open content where Flash had its grubby fingers.

Finally, Radio Memphis has dumped the Flash protocol for the HTTPS and HTML5 formats.

Here is the change and how it affects you:

Bookmark this link: This is the NEW and UPDATED video feed that will look identical to the older one. The difference? It’s smoother and allows us to increase the fidelity of the signal from 44100 Hz to 48000 Hz and go from 96 kbps to 128 kbps. What this means is we just went from an FM quality signal to a DVD quality output. It’s fuller, louder and much more stable. Now, if we could just update that damn camera. But wait, there’s more.

Get the free Livestream app from your app store. Search for Radio Memphis in the Accounts area. Now you will be able enjoy the video feed on the go. PLUS you are now able to participate in the chat from your mobile device. This includes phones and tablets.

Keep in mind, video feeds use more bandwidth and when you are away from a WiFi connection, the TuneIn app still has the audio only feed for those keeping an eye on their data usage.

Remember those annoying pre-roll advertisements that would play before you got to the station? Gone. You come into the room and you go straight to us.

Do you have a Roku? Apple TV? Livestream also has a free app for those devices. Just search Radio Memphis in the Accounts search and you’ll find us on your TV.

In the coming days, we’ll update our Player Page with all the new stuff. Right now, it still has the audio only feed.

Thanks for hanging with Radio Memphis as we continue to adapt to the changing digital world.



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