New Show Coming to Radio Memphis

Written by on July 18, 2015

At long last, Radio Memphis in The Afternoon is back with a new host. Brother Doug. Starting Monday, 20 July, 2015. Brother Doug leaves the Night-time Groove and slides in to the new popular time slot. He’ll be on the air Monday through Friday 2PM to 6PM CT following Radio Memphis in The Morning with Ric & Kate.

There is even a new Facebook page devoted to the new show which you can find HERE. Give it a like and follow Doug as he takes you to places you have never been.

Doug is a Memphis radio veteran. His unique show is perfect for the afternoon time slot at Radio Memphis and we are thrilled to have him in that spot.

So, what happens at night, now?

Tons, actually. Monday nights at 9PM CT – Memphis Metal Monday with Dirty D. Thursday is the Accendo Artist Hour at 8:30PM CT and Friday brings the occasional Friday Frame of Mind at 8PM CT where anything goes and you never know who the host will be.

As for Tuesday and Wednesday nights, there are some other speciality shows in the works including more live performance nights in our studios. Stay tuned for details.

Brother Doug will not only be delving into the vast Radio Memphis music library, he has a tendency to call people and take a lot of calls as well. You can call him on the air at 901-922-5407.

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