The Black & White of Music

Written by on May 12, 2015

In the midst of all the things we have seen in the news of late, it gives one a pause for a few moments to escape the madness and learn something new about how events shape our environment and our various inclinations to art. One thing standing out and being rubbed into all our faces is race relations. Hateful things being said about each one of us no matter who we are. White people pointing fingers at black people. Black people pointing fingers at white people. People pointing their fingers at each other. It’s nothing new and it’s not strictly an American thing.

With all of this finger pointing comes the great leveller of fields, music. Take about a half an hour of your time to watch this fantastic documentary from Noisey. This is the second episode in their series called Under The Influence: 2 Tone Ska. Musicians from all around the world absorbing their environments and allowing events to shape their art. It is the true art every musician in the world aspires.

2 Tone is not only about the now famous punk/reggae styles, it’s about collaborative efforts from all forms working in complete harmony to create music with meaning, heart and soul.

There is a great line in this video, “The lessons of 2 tone are as relevant today as ever. Any time we the people see something we don’t like in the world, there’s really only one thing to do. Come together and make some noise.”

Take an in depth look at various indie scenes from all around the world and see the lessons being learned when we set our differences aside and create some real music.

Visit Noisey for more.

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