Written by on May 14, 2015

Picasso was an artist. He made paintings and got rather famous for his work. Every once in a while, one comes up for auction and when that happens, a LOT of money exchanges hands. Granted, most people could not fathom the idea of shelling out some serious cheese for a picture that would simply hang on the wall. It might elevate your status among shitty people who actually draw their personal conclusions about you based on just what IS hanging on your wall. Nevertheless, these people are out there.

One such person (who must need some real validation OR is over compensating for something) just shelled out $175 MILLION for Pablo Picasso’s Le Femme D’Algers, a fine example of his cubist work. Great. We won’t judge this person for that. Good for them. It should look nice hanging over their bed. This sort of sale does make it newsworthy. Sort of. Not to the extent as we see it as such, though.

Fox5 New York wanted to tell the story and show you said picture. However, since it is art and involves women, they had a problem with the naughty bits portrayed in the piece. We here at Radio Memphis have no such issues. We believe art should be displayed (when talked about) in the manner of which the artist had intended. Not censored. Goodness, the last thing anyone needs is to be titillated at the sight of some boobs depicted in a cubist form of art.

So, feast your eyes.

Horny yet?

Photo Courtesy: Gawker Media


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