A Change is Going to Come

Episode 330

Protests and pandemics are all harbingers of things to come. If you spend any amount of time looking at the history of the world, you might see as societies have dealt with very similar things in the past, one valuable lesson is always learned in that change can be and often is quite difficult. This difficulty with change is rooted in one simple notion and that being fear. Everyone who is not accepting of the reasoning behind any type of change are afraid. They are afraid that their lives won’t be the same as they were. The fact is, they won’t be. In this episode, Ric takes a look at what it means to go home and to know that you can never go back. Progress is fraught with adjustment and this is a good thing. The George Floyd protests are a fine example of that. This is necessary change. As is the changes that must come in our society in dealing with an illness we still no very little about. Granted, it is a lot on everyone’s plate but, the good news happens to be we will all be better having gone through all of this together. Even if we have to drag the troglodytes with us.

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