Episode 296

There is a little dirty secret among some surviving drive time radio shows. Those cute little awkward bits you would hear involving listeners being put into uncomfortable situations for the sake of a laugh are actually scripted. There was a time however, when shows would pull those stunts off entirely through organic methods. It was more difficult to do and the outcomes were generally surprising but the payoff was usually big. Not so much any more. In this episode, Ric talks about how radio consultants would push the notion of scripting an other wise naturally occurring incident for the sake of having a guaranteed payoff everytime. It came from the rise of reality TV and it is so bad now, listeners cringe over the notion. This is what astroturfing is all about. Also, Ric and The Immigrant went to the fair and spent some time with circus people. Plus, the unpopular thought of the week.

NEXT WEEK: Just exactly, what is censorship?

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