Biopicture This

Episode 343

If it were to seem you are hearing more about biopics being made about your favorite rock acts, you are not alone. There is a reason for this and it is simply because fans of the classic rock genre are getting older and frankly, no one is making any more of that music. There is a solid nostalgic factor at work. There is an issue when it comes to these things. As Ric will tell you about in this episode, the problem with these films is it gives you the chance to “meet your heroes”, if you will. Although this does sort of fly into the face of the notion that you should never meet your heroes, there is an outside chance you might discover that band or musician you had admired all those years was really a giant asshole. To prevent this, writers will “Hollywood Up” these stories to show you something quite a bit different. The end result, you aren’t getting the whole picture, among other things.

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