Cabin Fever

Episode 318

With all of the talk of the Covid-19 rampaging around the world, there are a fair number of folks who have decided to hide out in the homes to work and try to keep some normalcy as much as possible. With that, we have that internet to keep us company. And thankfully so. Plus we have the wonderful world of streaming media. This is going to be a good time for that, frankly. With more people staying in, more people are looking for something to entertain themselves with. Notwithstanding the inevitable January baby boom, there are tons of options. Including one that may actually help your favorite musicians. In this episode, Ric will tell you about a pretty cool site that might come in handy for the house bound entertainer and fan.

NEXT WEEK: Social media is infected… with idiocy.

NOTE: For details on the Stage It site. GO HERE.

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