Connection Interrupted

Episode 328

Being connected seems to be bringing about all sorts of innovative tech. All of it is designed to keep you on the platform you are using it from. Be it Facebook, Twitter or Google, none of those companies want you to go anywhere else. As consumers, we certainly do have a bunch of options when it comes to this sort of thing and that can be good. Some you pay for (Zoom) and others are free (Facebook & Google). But how would you define “free”. Also, as cool as it is to have this technology in your hands, is it really something we all need? Is anybody actually any good at using this stuff? Does it really matter? In theory, you could answer all those questions with a “no”. Plus, Ric has been in the studio quite a bit this past week. Along with all the extra work he has picked up and the usual slate of shows, his voice is going out. It’s the return of the dreaded laryngitis. But he will tell you all about the other things he has on his plate as well.

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