(Don’t) Fear The Memer

Episode 314

As it would seem, your social media feed (specifically Facebook), you are sort of flooded with memes. Most of them are not funny. Nor were they intended to be since by and large (pardon the pun), they are nothing more than a reflection of those who post them. They aren’t designed to do sway your opinion in any manner. Another sort of meme you are exposed to are those who are making a half-assed attempt at some sort of humor. Let’s be honest, most of them are not funny at all. Then there are the political memes. It’s as if these are the last line of offense for the prevalence of fake news. In this episode, Ric will take a look at these things and show you how these posts either go absolutely no where or become part of a weird echo chamber. Only the very rare and actually humorous ones attain the status of having gone viral. What a great time to be alive.

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