Everyone is An Epidemiologist

Episode 319

Everytime there is some sort of big breaking story on the minds of society at large, it appears through social media that everyone is now an expert in whatever the topic of the day is laying before us. All of these people are laying out their solutions. “What you ought to do is…”, “What needs to be done is …”, etc. It’s kind of an amusing thing if you look at this with the jaundiced eye that comes from witnessing such matters. There is a problem though, most of these so called “experts” offer stuff with zero basis in fact or science. They simply want to point out how wrong everyone else is compared to their own “superior” intellect. Sure, the whole world is on lock down because it decides the narrative you want to cast. Stop it. Plus, the bright side of quarantine.

NEXT WEEK: It got mighty quiet in the anti-vax camp.

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