Exclusivity Is A Damn Lie

Episode 313

It’s a catch phrase use far too often in media. “Exclusive”. It’s up there with “Breaking News”. It’s tired. Why is this a thing? Simple. You are being told (when you hear or read that) the only source you need is the one that has that exclusivity. It’s trust building thing and it’s a joke. Our society is so connected that once you hear about something, you’ll find the same exact thing everywhere else. It’s always there and it will always be just about everywhere you look. If you are to believe everything you are told through the media, you are going to have problems. Just look around you. In this episode, Ric will explain how this works and the beauty of filtering your news sources. Also in this episode, Ric discovers this show has just turned 6. And if that weren’t enough, he tells you how he makes a tuna salad sandwich.

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