Facebook’s Legitimacy Issue

Episode 335

It’s hard to say exactly who thinks Facebook is a legitimate source for anything. Seriously, who takes Facebook seriously at all? That question has since become more valid as time has progressed. That same question is also being asked by major companies who used to give the social media platform money for advertisements. There is certainly something to this and it seems to have started when Twitter began labeling certain tweets from the President of The United States as being devoid of any truth. So, why didn’t Facebook do the same? They tried and failed. Miserably. Ric knows because he got caught in a weird algorithm that kept posting something legitimate. In this episode, Ric takes a look at how that works and why major advertisers seem to be exiting the company that created social media. Also, Ric tells you about an upcoming special guest and the latest from the graveyard.

NEXT WEEK: Netflix, WTF?


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