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Radio Memphis 6th Anniversary July 3, 2017

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Radio Memphis celebrated our 6th anniversary this past Saturday (July 1st) live on air all day and night by sharing with our listening audience in 150+ countries in-studio performances from artists including Duwayne Burnside, Garry Burnside and Beverly Davis, Andrew Cabigao, Semi-Average Joe, Amaris, Ben Dayton, Kris Ruaro and Amber Rae Dunn. We had drop-in guests including the Queen of Soul herself, .Toni Green, along with Melvin and Dulaa. We also had special interviews… including one with Chance Raspberry, character Layout Artist for the longest-running American sitcom and longest running American animated-series “The Simpsons”, to talk about his own brand new animated series “Little Billy”. Radio Memphis even announced some big news that we are expanding our programming with several shows coming down the pike this summer going into the fall…

To kick off our birthday celebration, Radio Memphis shared that a brand new show had been placed on our platform and is poised to becoming one of the flagship shows for the Radio Memphis Late Night series.

Since the beginning of time, strange things have been occurring…” Here’s your chance to join The Existence of Strange Things as they explore these many great mysteries.

The Existence of Strange Things radio show delves into the worlds of the “unexplained” including the paranormal, cryptids, aliens, UFOs, ghosts and conspiracy theories by going to the sources that are credible experts in these fields of study and having a conversation with these individuals about these topics. This show strives to share with the listening audience incredible stories, documented events, informative guests and news about strange things.

The long-awaited premiere of The Existence of Strange Things is happening on Friday July 7th at 10 PM CT exclusively on Radio Memphis.

Listen to co-hosts Joel Martin and Stephen Guenther as they have a chat with our very own “D” (Dianna Fryer) during our birthday fun about their own excitement for the up-coming season of The Existence of Strange Things and what you can look forward to with the show. They even talk about their first guest, author Denver Michaels, who will be discussing his new book Wild and Wonderful (and Paranormal) West Virginia, as well as getting into deep discussions about the Mothman, UFO sightings and other cryptid experiences that all happening in the great state of West Virginia.

Radio gets real July 7, 2017 at 10PM CT. Don’t listen alone.

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