Phone A Phriend

Episode 316

There was time, not too long ago when people went around carrying a transistor radio. There are still people out there who do that very thing. Although their numbers are dwindling. The simple reason is because of the phone. Everyone has one. It has gone from being a luxury to an outright necessity. And for the people who make these things, it’s practically a bullet proof business. People will pay good money for the latest and greatest device. Even if that device’s selling point is functionally useless. For example, the new folding phones. In this episode, Ric will tell you that he knows of no one who ever expressed an interest in such technology. But now that it appears to be the next big thing, people think they have to have it in their pocket. Plus, a sentence you would never have thought ever being constructed is spoken.

NEXT WEEK: Some of you are wound a bit too tight.

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