Semper Pie & Meal Team Six

Episode 327

We are all getting weary of this pandemic, it seems. The truth is, we are weary from the coverage of the pandemic. There is a very loud minority of people out there who feel they are being put upon by having to stay at home or having to wear a mask when they go out in public. These people are going out to protest and they are doing so with assault rifles and are agitating an already nervous population. On top of this, we are getting information about the pandemic from so many different sources that it seems no one on the right page. One group says this and the other says that and both are pointing fingers at someone else. You would think all of this energy could be directed at something constructive like, trying to contain Covid-19. In this episode, Ric is exhausted and we may not even be closer to the end of this situation. It’s all a matter of trying to get the madness to stop.

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