Sponsoring A World Crisis

Episode 331

Corporate America has a knack for being tone deaf. That is a simple fact. There are some ads out there using a protest as a backdrop. In this episode, Ric takes a look at the idiocy of this move. It is yet another point proven when corporate tries to look hip and with the times, they look ridiculous. Now is not the time for anyone to be tone deaf, but here we are. The amount of willful ignorance happening around us all is astounding. It’s as if there are those out there who want to give people a reason to protest. Frankly, no one has to look terribly far. There are some pissed off people out there. Also, Ric has a problem with his ISP plus, his sinus issues are being dealt with using a torture device.

NEXT WEEK: The bars, the bands and maybe the crowds.

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