Terrestrial Zombies

Episode 285

In a very sad way, FM has become this weird little zombie. Still propped up by the corporate stiffs as something that is still sort of viable. This is quite sad, frankly. There was a time when traditional radio was a fantastic medium, or so we thought. Once everyone was given an actual choice as to what they could listen to, the world sort of changed. Now, terrestrial radio is sort of a sad joke. In this episode, Ric will expand on this by telling you about a conversation he had with a couple of people. One who was in the business and now is out doing his own thing, and one who is still in the scene and how he compares the current state of terrestrial radio to Weekend at Bernie’s. A very sad analogy but so true on so many levels. Plus, Ric went to the dentist and it was quite the mouthful. Also, Ric prepares to be without adult supervision as The Immigrant leaves town for a few days.

NEXT WEEK: The Sarcastic Cynic.


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