The Conspiracy of Reality

Episode 326

The longer this whole virus sticks around, the more the conspiracy theorists will have to ply their trade. Frankly, it’s got rather nauseating. Some of the things being shoved down people’s throats are about as ludacris as one could imagine. The latest was the video that was going around on social media purporting all sorts of wild theories. The difference was this thing was packaged around a rather benign statement and it got a LOT of traction. After it was thoroughly debunked by proper scientists (and others), thankfully it was removed. But the whole situation did point out something sort of alarming, the gullibility of people who refuse to believe or understand Occam’s Razor. In this episode, Ric will explain all of that and what may give rise to the Conspiraciologist.

NEXT WEEK: Safety VS Greed


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