The Echo Chamber

Episode 416

If you aren’t aware by now, when you use a product online for free (social media) you are the product. You are the consumer and the commodity. The reasoning and all the things that can be done with your usage of that site or app is spelled out in the Terms of Service. In this episode, Ric takes a look at the Terms of Service for the new social media thing called Truth Social. When you go through that largely (bigly) boilerplate document, you’ll see that you are now property of the company. Just like all the other social media sites out there. What’s worse is that everything you have heard about this new site/app from them is kind of contradicted by their own Terms of Service. Also, Walmart is about to be the largest healthcare provider in the country. There is something about that statement that seems a little alarming.

NEXT WEEK: The Cost of Living & The New Normal

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