The Elephant in The Room is Not Joe Rogan

Episode 413

There has been a lot of movement lately among certain buzzwords. “Censorship”, “Cancel”, and “Spotify”. This all relates, of course to Joe Rogan. In this episode (available on Spotify and other places), Ric dives into the topic that seems to be on a lot of consumer’s minds. Thanks to Neil Young, many musicians are pulling their stuff from the platform. Noble, for sure. But, when looking at the real problem here, it is not the hack with the bad sense of humor or his rather unlistenable show (Ric’s words), there is so much more here in play. Spotify makes its money through podcasts and subscriptions. So, what do they pay musicians versus what do they pay podcasters? It get’s kind of complicated. Plus, the Wall Street people are about to suck all the fun right out of cryptocurrency.

NEXT WEEK: Consumer Spending. You Know, Pocket Money.

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