The Emergency Room Emergency

Episode 271

What happens when an artist, performer, entertainer… a show biz type gets sick? Most of those people don’t have insurance. Even if they did, it’s not all that great. There are a couple things that go through the mind of these folks. “Oh my God, I have to go to the doctor to get that looked at…” followed immediately by, “This is going to cost me more than anything I have…” It’s the fear some people out there can’t wrap their heads around. Recently, Memphis lost two musicians, one who was an elderly man with cancer and the other, a man in his late 30’s who got sick from something that might have been curable. How many more benefits and crowd funding efforts are going to have to happen before we don’t have to worry about this stuff any more? Plus, the ridiculous plot to move Graceland out of Memphis.

NEXT WEEK: The Heavyweight Chumps

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