The Fast Mothers – Honey, Mercy, Please

World Premiere

Memphis Southern Heavyweight Champions of Rock and Roll, The Fast Mothers brought Radio Memphis their brand new disc Honey, Mercy, Please. This is a stripped down version of The Fast Mothers. It is a solid rock and roll CD and for their premiere, they chose to bring it to Radio Memphis for a world debut. If you missed the June 8 live broadcast, here it is with all the tunes from the disc. Plus, a whole lot of stories from the band on the making of the album and what they have coming up very soon.

For those in the Memphis area, they will be performing live at Murphy’s with Every Mother’s Nightmare, Saturday June 15 at 9:00PM. In the broadcast there was mention of the band BSOL also on the bill, however, due to unforeseen circumstances they had to back out of the show.

Honey, Mercy, Please is available wherever you get your music.

Photo courtesy of Niki Ruble.



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