The Impact of a Podcast

Episode 90 November 1, 2015

Podcasting is here to stay, it would seem. The impact the medium has on the broadcasting business is being felt on the corporate radio level. It would also appear (for the most part) terrestrial radio stations and their personalities are just not going to embrace it as such. In this episode, Ric explores this idea and why the corporate machines are not thinking where they should be.

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NOTE: Our sincerest thanks for the great voice work that was done by Jacei King. He was the show announcer for the past 89 episodes and was a guest on this show a couple of times. He is now in Los Angeles working on some great projects. Jaeci will always have a home at Pirate Radio Studios if and when he returns to Memphis. Our new announcer is Joel Martin. He’s a great addition to the show as we continue our slow evolution to what we hope is a finer show for your entertainment.

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