The New Normal

Episode 329

Change is an issue and it is never easy to cope with the inevitable. When something like a pandemic occurs or the other social issues we all face these days, coming through the other side expecting anything to be the way it was before all of these events is a pipe dream. We will never be the same after all of this is said and done. That is just a simple fact. The other simple fact, is there will be a select number of people in our society who will reject the first fact. We tried this in 2016 and the results have been nothing short of disastrous. In this episode, Ric casts a jaundiced eye at what the future holds for our society and what we as individuals could probably look forward to once the storm of a pandemic passes. Also in this episode, the aftermath of laryngitis even if it was fun sounding like Batman. Plus, a computer tip.

NEXT WEEK: You Can Always Go Home, But You Can Never Go Back

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